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Sandra D

Removing middle seats in LWB wagon

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 I read and reread the postings by Don Shockley before I bought my 2015 ford transit connect. I understood that he had little to no trouble removing the seats,  and I pulled out the backseat without any problems.  However, I have removed the front four bolts on the smaller middle seat and the seat is now loose and  rocks back and forth.  These are the bolts that fastened the base runner of the seat directly to the floor of the wagon. As I understand it, i should be able to break loose two pins that fasten the back of that baseplate into the floor  but I am unable to do this. Can someone give me more detailed information on how to break loose and raise the back of the seat assembly.   Also, was it necessary to extend any slits in the carpet  at the front of the base plate?

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Sandra, I did this a couple weeks ago and ran into the same thing. I think you're talking about removing the brackets that hold the rear of the middle seats in place. There are actually bolts further back that also hold the brackets in place. You need to lift the carpet to access these additional T50 bolts (you could cut it, but this isn't reversible (unless you are a witch or other magic wielder)). To lift the carpet sufficiently, I had to remove the fasteners at the front edge of the carpet and on the sides by the door trim. HAVE FUN and ENJOY modding out your van!!!

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