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Does my 2010 TC have a fuel filter? (Gas not Diesel)

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My crappy little owners manual does specifically state that the van has a fuel filter, it just says to replace it at 90,000 miles.  


Problem is, when I call my local auto parts store, or even the Ford dealer, neither of them can find it in their systems.  


O'Rileys said it was "non-serviceable" and thought that it was in the tank (doesn't mean it's non-serviceable), and the dealer couldn't find any mention of it at all.  


It's likely the useless little manual that comes with the van, doesn't distinguish between diesel and gas models, and just covers everything that "might" have been installed in the vehicle from the factory.  


I did find this little object on the passenger side firewall, behind the foil heat shield.  It has fuel lines attached to it, along with an electrical plug, but it seems far too small to be a fuel filter.  

I described the part to the dealer, but they didn't know what it was.  It has the numbers PA66-GF33 stamped all over it.  


I called the dealer back with that part number, but it didn't help.  When I called the dealer, I spoke with a different person, and they couldn't find it either, saying that maybe it was part of the fuel pump.



Does anybody know what this part is?   







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OK, I just confirmed, based on my VIN, that my van does not have a fuel filter.  There's a "sock" (filter), as they call it, attached to the fuel pump, inside the fuel tank.  


Now I'm thinking the part in the picture is a fuel pressure regulator.  The electrical plug suggests that it would send a signal to the computer if the pressure dropped below a certain level.  

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