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I am about to purchase a 2016 XLT that has a sunroof.  Has anyone heard of leaking issues related to this or ease of glass cracking.  I am concerned because of this extra.  Thank you.

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Congratulations on your soon to be purchase.  I really like mine.  I bought it a couple of months ago and had to drive 300 miles to get a new one.


Purchased a new 2016 a couple of months ago without the sunroof.  My concern was the extra heat it would let in.  In my research on the vehicles I did not see anything unusual about leaking or cracking.  It is a non opening glass panel so sealing should be pretty good.  I did see some issues with the retractable cloth cover.  Sunroofs are relatively common on XLT's and Titanium wagons from what I saw when looking so I'd think if there were a problem it would have showed up by now.


I've had sunroofs before and the only problem I've had is the drains getting stopped up and leaking.  Since the TC's sunroof is fixed it doesn't have that problem.  My wife has a 2008 Smart car with the lean top and no problems but it lives in the garage.  My son has a VW Jetta wagon with the giant sunroof that retracts and has had no problems.  No these are't the same but maybe will help you.  My Volt had a small chip in the front windshield, last fall driving out of my driveway, the hickory tree (or squirrel) carefully aimed a hickory nut at my windshield landing a less than two inches above the chip.  Instant almost circular crack!!!  Anywhere else and it would have just bounced off!  Safelight fixed it no problems.  Next year I may have some hickory firewood.


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