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Has anyone else had this issue. I have a 2013 Ford Transit Connect. I just bought it used. It has a deal where the interior light and door open sensor go off randomly and not so randomly. All doors are indeed closed. All door sensors have been greased and double checked. I think i have narrowed it down to the driver side door making the problems occur.

It sometimes does the beeping fiasco when I take a right turn, or if the a/c is on full blast. Also it sometimes goes off when I hit bumps. 

I really like the car and hope that I can get it fixed.

Also, the ABS light has come on and has stayed on along with the stability control light.

any ideas?

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Well. My experience is that these computer driven systems are very sensitive to battery quality and grounding. If the battery is weak you'll start to see wierd gremlin stuff happen. Just fyi stuff. Hard to pinpoint alot of this.

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