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Vacuum Sound Outside @ passenger side rear door

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Ok, so I started my 2011 XLT with the remote starter, had no radio on but did set the defroster on high so that the window would be clear do to expected snow fall. Went outside and I usually walk from front of the vehicle to the drivers door but this time approached from the rear. As I was passing the back of the vehicle I hear a vacuum sound coming from the back passenger side door. I feel around the door to try and change the sound but no luck. I open the door and check the seal and all looks good. I then close the door and the noise is still there. So my question is this for anyone with a 1st gen connect is do you have a similar noise coming from your van when sitting parked, engine running and defroster on full blast with all doors and windows closed? (believe me if you do, you will hear it because it sounds like a bike tire full of air with the valve stem removed loud)



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