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  1. I use my 2011 for going to car shows and such printing t-shirts and other items, my press weighs about 200 pounds (inside the van) and I carry a 3000 watt yamaha generator on the bumper that probably weighs 150 pounds when full of fuel, plus all my t-shirts plaques and other gear. I think your hitch would be ok to carry it if you have a heavy duty class three but the problem is I think you will drag a bit going over some entrances like a gas station or fast food joint. I put new shocks on mine and it helped a bit but wanted airshocks to help raise it up a bit and could not find any that would fit. Helper springs are another alternative but I did not want to have a stiffer ride than what I already have for driving around town doing odds and ends. Here is a not so good picture of when I arrived at an event. My generator is inside the wood box that doubles as a working table. I concur with Beta Don, look for a better quality hauler, you get what you pay for and the last thing you want is to see your scooter falling off. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  2. I believe the first USA generation were built in Turkey, shipped to Baltimore and then disassembled from being passenger vehicles and turned into work vans to beat the "chicken tax", finally the feds caught on and Ford was forced to reevaluate how they were bringing them in. I have a 2011 and it grows on me the more I drive it, just wish it had a little more hp.
  3. Unusual1

    Can't get TB gasket

    Got the throttle body off this morning and cleaned it out. You can see it was a bit gummed up and how the gasket is shaped. Overall real easy job and from start to finish including resetting the PCM and putting tools away it took less than an hour. Hardest part really was getting the electrical connections off as that the clips that hold them on did not want to release easily. Initial results are a for sure increase in acceleration and no more sticking of throttle when releasing off the gas peddle.
  4. Unusual1

    Can't get TB gasket

    Well, I got the new gasket in and if it is correct you cant just cut one from a sheet of gasket material. The easiest way to describe it is that while it is somewhat circular in shape it is flat, as if you made it with lack of better terms a strip of paper. I plan on installing it Sunday if all goes well. Put new shocks on the rear and the back end came up nearly a full inch. The new shocks felt nearly twice as heavy as the stock ones and while there was still some pressure left in the stock ones you could clearly tell that they were not the quality of the new ones I put in. I have to wonder if Ford used the cheapest thing out there to help reduce weight for the trip to over. I also am still gaining mpg on my spark plug change even though it is only my second tank of gas since changing the plugs, nearly 400 miles when adding the miles driven and miles remaining. I would be curious to hear if anyone else is getting this out of there 1st gen.
  5. Unusual1

    Can't get TB gasket

    Hey Beta, Thanks for the heads up, I have cut my own in the past but I have a feeling that this is a rounded gasket, like a rubber band, that fits in a groove and I want to have a sure fit on hand before disassembly so as not to have my ride out of commission while waiting. Good news is new gasket will be here on Thur so this weekend will be clean the TB and see what happens. On another note filled up with gas today for the first time since changing plugs and jumped from 24.5 mpg to 26.9. Funny thing is I get one thing fixed and now I have a noise in the rear, sounded like the muffler was banging around loose at very low speeds when stopping for red lights and stop signs but after careful inspection it is a rear shock that has given up. Just ordered from rock auto at 38.00 each beating my local parts stores by almost 20.00 each so with shipping I am about 30.00 saved.
  6. Unusual1

    Can't get TB gasket

    Ok, So had the day off and thought I would change the plugs and clean the throttle body. Off to the local parts store, Autozone, and find the plugs OK but they did not carry throttle body mounting gasket. Make my purchase and go to the next parts store, Advance Auto, and they don't carry it either. Go back out to the car and call NAPA, sorry we don"t have that part he tells me. Now I am at the mercy of going to the Ford dealer I hate with a passion. This is were I shake my head in disbelief, the girl behind the parts counter tells me Ford does not sell this gasket, it only comes with a new throttle body. Ok, so now I go home and can order the gasket from the part stores or even Amazon but can't get one locally. Guess I'm not cleaning any throttle body today. So I do get the plugs changed, easy job and was amazed to see my combined miles on the odometer keep creeping up. I usually have a combined miles to go and miles driven around 360 miles, after the plug change I drove 40 miles consisting of 30 mph back roads and 45 mph divided highway and now my combined miles is up to 389 miles so I am hoping this trend continues and my mpg jumps a couple overall.
  7. Unusual1

    Site keeps logging me out

    Strange, I am being logged in as gopropak and when I click on a topic within the site it will finally put me to my screen name. I also had to post this twice as that my first time did not seem to take. If it does finally show up then I apologize in advance. Seems the site may have found a bug.
  8. Unusual1

    Site keeps logging me out

    I am being logged in as gopropak for some reason and when I click on anything I am then changed to my screen name. Sounds like the forum has picked up a bug of some type.
  9. Unusual1

    Hood Latch

    Looks good, thanks for the write up. I might just do something like this as a pro-active measure in case I ever do have a latch problem.
  10. Sounds like he has an aftermarket alarm or aftermarket remote starter. I know someone that has one and it is loud and always double beeps.
  11. Unusual1

    New kid on the block

    Hey there and welcome! I like your ride! What does the three cameras do and how/where did you mount them? Give us the scoop. neal
  12. Ok, so I started my 2011 XLT with the remote starter, had no radio on but did set the defroster on high so that the window would be clear do to expected snow fall. Went outside and I usually walk from front of the vehicle to the drivers door but this time approached from the rear. As I was passing the back of the vehicle I hear a vacuum sound coming from the back passenger side door. I feel around the door to try and change the sound but no luck. I open the door and check the seal and all looks good. I then close the door and the noise is still there. So my question is this for anyone with a 1st gen connect is do you have a similar noise coming from your van when sitting parked, engine running and defroster on full blast with all doors and windows closed? (believe me if you do, you will hear it because it sounds like a bike tire full of air with the valve stem removed loud) Thanks, n
  13. Unusual1

    Hello from CT

    Hey 150, You are a genius! I love how you made it so that even a politician should be able to understand that something is wrong with all this, but hey I don't think those in Washington really care.
  14. Unusual1

    Hello from CT

    Hey 150, GBL found a great article and here is another: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2013/09/u-s-customs-calls-fords-importing-transit-connect-as-passenger-vehicle-manipulation-of-chicken-tax-tariff/ this article I believe shows that the real intent of the first gen Connects were really brought over for work use more so than personal use. I think I have one of the few vans that I consider fully loaded for 2011. From what I can see I think the only option I am missing is the roof rack and the key pad for unlocking the doors.
  15. Unusual1

    Hello from CT

    As much as I like freebies my business is to new to be giving away free stuff. However I do like the idea of finding a sponsor but you probably would be hard pressed to find one as that Transit Connects were really brought to the states as a work van and those of us that have found them to be useful for family, camping or other unique ideas are probably in the minority of those who drive these things. Of course this is just my opinion and as my wife tells me all the time I am more than likely wrong.