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Parts kits: Add 3 circuits to fuse box

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Well, after goofing off for a year I finally decided to put together some parts kits for sale. These are the parts I used to tap into the existing fuse box to Add My Own Accessory Fuse Box on my 2015 LWB TC Wagon. Although I used these parts to tap into the rear fuse box on my LWB Wagon, the connectors utilize standard mini fuse legs and 1/4" spade connectors so should be nearly universal fit.

Each kit provides all the connectors and parts to add 3 fuse protected circuits tapped into existing fuse boxes without the need for permanent modifications. Two taps utilize mini fuse legs to tap into the power side of unused fuse spaces in the fuse box. The third tap uses the protruding 1/4" tab for the larger unused circuit fuses. Since individual projects will dictate the sizing, no wires or fuses are included. However there is an assortment of different size terminals and seals to fit a large range of wires. See the photo below for what will be included in each kit. (Covers are a mix of black and clear, all other parts are identical in each kit)large.589f4b7865eea_20170211_101240(Larg

Pricing: First kit is $10 plus $5 to cover (US only) shipping costs, with $1 discount on each additional kit purchased at same time.
             One kit $15 / Two kits $24 / Three kits $32 / Four kits $39 / Five kits $45 / Six kits $50
            15 kits available now, 7 with clear covers, 8 with black covers, I will honor color preference until that color is gone

If you lack the tools to crimp your own terminals, I can provide pre-assembled kits with short wires sized and fused for 10A, 15A, and 20A and a screw down terminal strip at the end for easy wire connection. See the photos below for the preassembled kit and how I used a similar installation in my vehicle. Due to the added parts and labor, assembly will add a $15 charge on each kit (i.e. $30 for one kit)



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