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False alerts

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I started getting false alerts yesterday, every time I'd put my TC in reverse. They were varying "distance" alerts, like it couldn't make up it's mind how far the object was away from the vehicle :headscratch: . By the end of the afternoon it was just a continuous "beeeeeeeeeeep" when in reverse. :censored: :censored: Upon researching it a bit in the service manual it appears there's very little electrical diagnosis that can be done without Fords scan tool. But, one of the first things it says is to clean the sensors with high pressure water. With all the rain here this week my van was a little dirty so I washed it this morning. I also directed the full focused, full blast water stream into each sensor. Finished the wash job, got in, placed it in reverse ........silence. :yahoo: So, if you start getting false alerts the first thing to do is wash the sensors out real good. :rockon:

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