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Changing out Stock Head unit

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Hi All,

I have had my TC XLT WAGON for a week now and I am having a blast with it .

I was going to go with the Factory NAV but did not want the added baggage that went with it .

Also , as others have stated the radio is not really the best sounding system out there .I have decided to have a indash NAV system put in ,probably the Kenwood DNX 8120 or the DNX 9960 ,nothing written in stone as yet .

It also goes with out saying to change / Add some decent speakers again nothing chosen (still trying to read some recomendations ). MY head unit is the FORD 6000cd with the Nokia bluetooth system . I have been reading here and have contacted a company over the other side of the pond NEXXIA .com to try and pull all the right gear to get this setup installed without a hitch .I will post later perhaps when things start to come together .

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