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Custom Floor Drawer System

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I built this floor drawer system as a way to keep lots of smaller items in the van at all times while still having an open bed to put larger items in. It's made up of a 16ga 1"x1" metal frame. The drawers are 3/4" laminated core w/ melamine veneer plywood mounted on 500lbs full extension slides. Then I covered the top with said melamine and some stick on grip tape to cover seems and counter sunk fasteners and too add a bit of slide resistance. The melamine is easy to clean. The whole assembly might weigh about 300lbs, so there is some loss in carrying capacity, but I find it well worth it.

Check out my album for photos.

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Very nice work!

Great idea. Did it add much weight?

I'm currently doing my own fabbing to my TC. Making a steel workbench and such.

Fabbing outside in the snow... Been their as well.

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