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Found 3 results

  1. theonlyonejosh

    Finding the Oil Filter

    Hi, I'm servicing my van myself and cannot locate the oil filter anywhere. Can anybody provide any assistance?
  2. I'm looking for advice on the pro's and con's of undercoating. I'm going to power scrape the rust off the underside of my 2012 Connect. Then I am considering undercoating it. I don't have enough bubble gum to complete the job so I was wondering what the Connect Guru's have to say.
  3. DiyConversions

    Hello! DiyConversions

    www.DiyConversions.com Welcome to the leading innovator in Ford Transit Connect “Do It Yourself” accessories. Our shelving and storage design units have been custom made for the Ford Transit Connect are truly unique, one of a kind, and time tested by customers since 2010. Among the countless features that make our Ford Transit Equipment and Shelving units unique from all the others, is that we design all of our equipment to go along the curves of the Ford Transit Connect in order to maxime usable space. Our Ford Transit Connect units also provide you with the liberty of mixing and matching different individual units in order to convert your Ford Transit into the ultimate utility vehicle. Perhaps even more impressive is that unlike other similar equipment selling for hundreds, and at times thousands of dollars, not only is our equipment a fraction of the cost, but we are the only ones that truly allows you to get the most storage space without having sacrifice the rear sitting area! DiyConversions empowers you to have complete control regarding your Ford Transit Connect with the best equipment, the most storage room, and the absolute best prices! DIY Templates Looking for a fun project? Want to make the most out of your Ford Transit Connect but don’t want to spend much? Look no further! Since 2010 DiyConversions has redefined the meaning of “affordability” with its revolutionary DIY Templates custom made for the Ford Transit Connect. Our DIY Templates are extremely simple to use, require minimal skills, minimal tools (a drill, a jigsaw, and a pencil), and perhaps even best of all, it requires absolutely no measuring what so ever from you! All of our Diy Templates are life-sized so you don’t have to worry about measuring anything at all. You simply trace our templates onto the material of your choosing, cut along the lines, and follow our simple to assemble instructions. Thats it. DiyConversions even includes a parts-lits to help you along the entire process from start to finish. Save both time and money with our DIY Templates! (Check out our website for more pictures of different designs!) Pre-Cut Ready To Assemble Units, An Even Easier Option! DIY Conversions offers the best selection of pre-cut ready to assemble units in the market at a fraction of the cost of similar products. The Pre-Cut Units are custom made on natural wood (3/4″ Birch Plywood) and are assembled in as little as 5 minutes! All of our Pre-Cut Units come with easy to assemble instructions and only require a screwdriver and 5 minutes of your time. With our Pre-Cut Units you have the option of showcasing your equipment by staining, or by displaying the beautiful natural wood. However, our Pre-Cut Units also provide you with the option of painting the entire units any color you want. You may paint the units the same color as your Ford Transit Connect in order to make your shelving units blend in, or re-enforce your brand by accenting your shelves with your company’s colors or your favorite sports team! DiyConversions always offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the continental USA, and as always tech support is provided for any assistance you may need. Affordability DiyConversions has sold hundreds of units to handymen, small business owners, entrepreneurs, campers, nature enthusiasts, soccer moms, sports fans, seasoned tailgaters, and people who simply want to get the most out of their Ford Transit without spending hundreds of dollars, among countless others. If you own a Ford Transit Connect wether you are looking for the absolute best shelving units available that provide you with the most usable space, or wether you are looking to get the most out of your money, DiyConversions is the answer! Not only do we provide the best of the best Do It Yourself Templates for all of our Ford Transit Connect Shelving and storage units, shipping is always free! Depending on your local wood pricing I have had customers build our ultimate storage conversion kit (2 rear shelf units and 1 upper shelf unit) for as little as $60!!!! That’s a total of 5 shelving units. Compare this to $620 and up, for one of those ugly thin sheet metal single shelving units. You will immediately notice the curved shelf design sets my units apart from anything else available on the commercial market for the Ford Transit. Over the years I have found this design gives not only a touch of class but optimizes the space available while allowing a person or object to funnel through the cargo bay without hitting a protruding square corners of conventional metal shelves. Mix and Match Versatility The module design of my units allows for mix and matching depending on your needs. The upper shelving unit allows you to carry 8’ long material inside the overhead compartment, while the door mount folding shelves allow you to utilized the rear folding doors as storage space for tailgating. An optional peg board insert, mounted to the rear interior panels, can give you a convenient hanging spot along the interior van walls that would otherwise go unused, and when combined with a rear shelving unit provides additional wall space storage within the shelve itself. Best of all -these modules can be removed in minutes if you decide to reconfigure your Transit to an open cargo carrier!!! Additional Features Another unique, and at times very necessary, feature is our 12 volt outlet package. This pre assembled 12 volt receptacle allows you to provide power to the front and rear of each shelving unit. A great convenience if passengers in the rear seats need to plug into power. You can also have rear 12 volt power when the back doors are open (tailgating, relaxing at beach etc.). We truly believe the Ford transit is the perfect vehicle for our times. A versatile, reliable, economical travel platform that can do it all’ from hauling the family to soccer practice, to a large cargo carrier to haul a stove. It can even be used as a small RV/camper!!! www.DiyConversions.com