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  1. Thread is a little old, but quick question for drh14 -- was this rack setup for a van that had the stock roof rails, or was your roof completely bare? Mine has no rails, just little rubber caps every 8" or so that look like rack mounting points. I've read that this makes finding/installing a rack more difficult -- any thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the input, Fifty150. I did plenty of that car-camping, but I bought this van specifically to make it a comfortable place for longer road trips. My idea is to make the setup and tear-down of camp as quick and easy as possible. I totally respect the minimalist approach, though! Webguyjv, I'm right there with you. I'm not planning anything "permanent", but I more mean that I'm not planning anything irreversible at this stage (i.e., not cutting any holes in the roof for a fan just yet). I might go the hole-in-the-roof approach someday, but that's definitely a more permanent approach. For now, I'm likely going to just fashion some bug screens and use a couple clip-on battery or 12v fans on the rear passenger windows. I think I'm going to go with my original idea of a simple drawer system bolted in where the third row seats were. It will be easy enough to unbolt if I sell the van and don't want to sell it private-party as a camper. Something like this: https://www.contravans.com/5-passenger-van-conversion On a fun note, my 12v fridge just arrived and the battery is on the way 😁
  3. I just bought a 2015 TC LWB wagon a few weeks ago. I'm planning on taking the winter to convert it into a comfy weekender for MTB trips. I want to retain the ability to carry a few passengers, but I definitely don't need to be able to haul 7 people. Mountain bikes are already riding on a RockyMounts swing-away hitch rack. My first plan was to remove the third row and, in their place, install some drawers for a pull-out kitchen. On top of that would be a bed that would slide out over the folded 2nd row seats. All it would really leave room for in "camping mode" would be room to sleep. After doing some more research and watching more videos, I'm realizing that it would be nice to have the ability to hang out inside the van and maximize "living space." I'm wondering whether anyone has removed only the second row of seats and left the third row intact. My idea would be to put a kitchen setup just behind the driver+front passenger seats, leave the third row seats as a place to sit and hang out but also to be used for legally carrying passengers with seat belts. To sleep, you'd fold the third row down and slide out a bed platform (potentially stored behind third row seats)? I have yet to take measurements to see if my idea is feasible, but I wanted to see if anyone has done something like this that I could pull inspiration from. If not, is there some major obstacle that I'm not considering?
  4. bastian

    Loving my van

    She's gorgeous. Any work done to the inside? I'm planning a MTB weekender build right now.