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  1. Here are the fault codes after I installed a 2015 transit connect steering wheel and enabled the CC. These codes are now different what i had before. No warning dash lights are on.
  2. Hi, so replaced the steering wheel with another one DT11-3600... and have the same issue. I think i have something going on with my configuration in the transit computer. When I reverted back to default, turned off the CC and ASL functions, my ABS and traction control lights lit up on the dashboard. When i enabled the CC again the lights on the dash disappeared by I cannot even change the ASL function. So how do i overwrite with my original configuration files in FORScan? I did backup these format files before I did my configurations originally. I want to overwrite to original configuration and then try to turn on CC and ASL again.
  3. I’m not sure what year is the steering purchased from eBay. But called local Ford dealer and he said based off my vin# I need a manufacturer part # for the steering wheel bk2z-3600-aa. Not sure what year is this steering wheel. Purchased from eBay steering wheel is a ck41-3600-cb35b8. Let me know if using a different year steering wheel is an issue.
  4. Hi, i cannot still get the cruise control to work. The cruise control and ASL are enabled and the CC buttons illuminate. Please help to understand how to fix this code - mechanical failure in the steering wheel module?
  5. Yes it did write, because the CC and ASL values are enabled. I do have a low tire pressure sensor issue that is bringing up a light on the dashboard. Can that cause an issue?
  6. Hi jrm223, "miles to empty" does not change to "set mph" on the dash. seems like it did not program it. Yes, i did test the CC above 25 mph. I did order a new scan tool that is recommended on the FORScan website and will see if that fixes the problem. Any other ideas please let me know ?
  7. Hi Guys, I read through your posts how to install cruise control for my 2016 Transit connect XL. Please help figure out why my cruise control is not working? I purchased a transit connect steering wheel with a cruise control (same steering wheel couple posts above) and replaced my existing steering wheel. note: cruise control buttons illuminate Installed ForScan v2.3.36 beta and purchased $10 year license. Then purchased this scan tool https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01F0GVBWY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Connected the OHP ELMconfig FORScan OBD2 to my transit connect enabled the cruise control and adjustable speed limiter values. did get some errors in DTS but cleared them. yet cruise control does not work.