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  1. FTC Lover

    Maintenance Question

    I'll do that at my next transmission fluid change, thank you!
  2. Thinking of getting a small camper trailer for my Transit Connect anybody install a oil and or transmission cooler on there Transit Connect?
  3. FTC Lover

    Good place to order parts for my TC

    Give Amazon a try too.
  4. FTC Lover

    Maintenance Question

    I have a 2018 FTC XLT with 10,000 miles and have completed my first vehicle maintenance: 4 New Spark Plugs New Air Filter New Cabin Filter New Oil & Filter change to Amsoil New Transmission Fluid Change to Amsoil New Coolant Fluid Change Question: 4 quarts of trans fluid came out and I had to put 5 quarts of new trans fluid back in until the fluid started to spell out the level plug. The old trans fluid was dark red, I'm shocked the fluid is not bright red because I have only 10,000 miles on the van. I purchased new and don't have towing capability
  5. FTC Lover


    Hello Everyone, Thank you for excepting me in this Ford Transit Connect Forum. 2018 Ford Transit Connect XLT