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  1. Tiny Rick

    vertical screen "Tesla Style"

    I've been looking into his as well and as far as I know do Focus sets NOT fit in Tourneos. That's what the vendor told me. Another thing I was thinking is fit a double facia in it with an Android tablet behind it hard wired but I've not worked out what to do with the original radio. Since you'll need that for the bluetooth connection. Maybe re-run the cables to the glove box and put the radio there.
  2. Hi all. I have a 5 seat Tourneo Connect 2017 that I'm converting into a tiny camper. In the right rear panel near the back window there is a place to add a 12v plug. I've read that Tourneo transits have that pre-wired with the wire taped away somewhere so I was hoping to find a similar wire in my Connect. But I can't seem to locate it. Does anyone know if the wire is always there or will I need to draw power from somewhere else? Thanks, Wes
  3. Hi all, I've recently bought me a 2017 Tourneo and am turning it into a little camper. So I'll probably drop by for some advice.