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  1. steveargo22

    Hanging surfboard inside from the ceiling?

    Thought I’d give an update. I got a 2013! The 9’6” board actually does fit in the car if you take the passenger headrest off. Definitely need to tie it so it doesn’t fly forward though. Just using a bungee cord for now.
  2. Thought I’d come back and update my own post. I got a 2013 connect! And YES, a longboard can fit inside, but only if you take the passenger headrest off. That can be done by poking a small key or anything pointy into the small button of the base of the headrest prong that is closest to the door.
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone ever replaced their passenger seat with an after market seat? I’m trying to see if it’s possible to replace the seat with something that can fold down (like the mk 2). It would be nice to have the option to fit a long item over the seats, but the mk 1 seats don’t decline back or forward far enough, and the headrest doesn’t come off.
  4. I have the opportunity to get a 2010 with low miles (54k), or a 2013 with moderate miles (78k). Going to use it for a light beach camping build. I was wondering if there is any significant differences between either, especially the transmission. From what I understand, dimensions should be identical right? But is there anything I’m missing? Thanks!
  5. steveargo22

    Hanging surfboard inside from the ceiling?

    I was just saying with the 2010, it looks like the cargo height is even higher than the 11-13 version. Can’t tell if 2009 and earlier are as high as the 2010. 2010 is 59”, and 11-13 is 53.7” it seems...
  6. steveargo22

    Hanging surfboard inside from the ceiling?

    Yikes! Sorry to hear about the windshield! I will be sure to heed your warning! Hmm, yeah, this is a precarious project now. And I completely didn’t realize how huge a cargo height difference the 2010 has with gen 2, and 2011-2013 with gen 2 as well.
  7. steveargo22

    Hanging surfboard inside from the ceiling?

    You are a legend. This answers SO much! You said you fit 12 ft rails in your car by putting the rails on the dash? I wonder if that would be possible in a gen 1. At this point, the best option would be to only bring the longboard when I’m going solo. I wonder if the board would fit inside a gen 1 if I could manage to get the passenger seat down down enough...
  8. Hey everyone! My wife and I are going to invest in a connect soon. However, I have a 9’6” longboard I would love to fit inside the van, but the cargo length in even the LWB version is too short to fit the board unless I put the passenger seat down. However, I am curious if hanging the board from the ceiling would allow a passenger to sit down too if the board goes slightly over the passenger’s head (if that makes sense). Does anyone know how long the interior roof is from the back to right before the windshield starts? Is it different between a 2013 and prior vs. 2014 and later? Is this hopeless? Thanks!
  9. Hey! My wife and I are thinking about investing an old school Transit Connect. However, I have an odd question that I can’t seem to find a specific answer for. Does anyone have experience with hanging surfboards on the roof? I have a 9’6” longboard I want to fit inside the car, and I know that won’t fit in the cargo area. However, I wonder if it’s possible to fit hanging off the roof so that it goes over the head of passenger side. Does anyone know how long the roof is from the inside?