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  1. i'm about to cut my own from black vinyl or some carbon looking stuff, those refection can be realy enoing going east in the mornings, shifter never did that so far, and i could put my fang on it at that time if it does, have a 2019, and its bad sometimes
  2. switch to HID, less current draw With more then double the light, bulbs running colder too against what others say, i use them( 55 Watt ) since 16 month after right after purchase, no issues at all, Conversion kits from Kensun, good stuff, be careful with some EBay guys selling trashy kits
  3. mraubold

    front strut

    THX i am getting on that, just for the see what happens thing keep you posted
  4. mraubold

    front strut

    Give me the address, i might try that. I still think i get more noticeable things out of it dropping it on my foot. i know the pain of getting the runarounds and warranty claims with stealersips, seen too many bad things with lots of disappointed owner of new vehicles being afraid to loose an arm and a leg visiting the Dealers
  5. mine went around 9000, thought cant be, but was, i get the drivers side next week and call it done, coming manufactured in Spain, who knows who made the struts, i am a dead strong believer in Bilstein shocks. I grew up with German cars, since i was born and lived over there for 39 years before i move my life over here, so i think i'm good for a while, until recalls surface, i keep the struts on hand to toss them at the dealer 🙂


  6. mraubold

    front strut

    Lost right front strut at 11K miles, did not wan't my Transit parked at the dealership for the next century. Maybe it's a single incedent, but kinda wired to have a little rattle since new going to bouncing like crazy. Replaced the right Strut on my own dime and now no noise at all, anybody else has a rattle in the 2019 xlt LWB since new ?? anyhow, its not a terrible job to do, got me a new Bilstein replacement strut and going to get the driver side before that one dumps out next Picture shows collapsed strut, no longer has a gas charge and half its stroke no resistance pulling or pushing the rod