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  1. Thor88

    Doesnt even crank

    I have access to good scan tools, there is no codes to read. Not on an autel, texa or Forscan
  2. Thor88

    Doesnt even crank

    2012 Diesel and starter and wiring is still good as i can get it to crank if i give it an earth at the relay. The one the pcm isn’t providing.
  3. Thor88

    Doesnt even crank

    Hello Have a transit connect 1.8 in just now that wont start. Came in initially after engine swap, did start but then cut out. They tried towing it in case it was air locked, still wouldn’t start but would crank. Then it stopped cranking at all. Nothing happens when the key is turned. Immo light is off after ignition is turned on. Powers and earths to pcm good. Starter relay isnt reciving ground from pcm. Wire integrity from pcm to relay is good. Pcm isn’t commanding a start. Pcm sent to specialist and was said to be good. All fuses checked and are in order. No codes present. Anyone here have any ideas. Any advice greatly appreciated