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  1. I did have a tinker with the settings in forscan, it moved the audio to the left side of steering wheel and lost use of trip computer etc. As above a simple relocation of two wires and it's all still runnng great.
  2. Can anyone think of a reason why the right hand side audio buttons would not work after this upgrade? Cruise control and left side buttons all work fine. All switches works on old non cruise wheel. Many thanks In advance. UPDATE: 2 wires need relocation on a 2018 facelift wheel. Bottom row of main socket to squib should have a yellow wire and green wire in pins 3 and 4. All done and working.
  3. Many massive thanks to Eggman14 his input on here.works perfect to the letter. and even bigger thanks for the off site help and advice you gave me.
  4. Hi all, Ive today purchased a 200 trend 2014my uk spec.... one mirror needs replacing due to smashed body. now these are manual fold in and not electrical. Would I be right or wrong to assume that the harness will be already fitted to accept electric folding mirrors and I'd just need to source the switch and surround and the mirrors?