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  1. of course, RTFM!! I'll look into that, thank you!! I was a bit salty my key doesnt have the trunk release. It just has lock/unlock (behaves how you described) and a lock button for the rear sliding doors?? i have no idea what the intended use is..
  2. so i messed around with it today and discovered that if i press the unlock button on the drivers door twice quickly, it will unlock the hatch. would appreciate any 2019 owners confirming this is the normal behavior. Thanks, Ted
  3. thanks guys, i gotta have the dealership install new rivnuts for the license plate holder anyways, so maybe they can check it out while theyve got the plastics off. ill report back!
  4. RSted

    Overhead aircraft style storage with doors

    Anyone? https://www.tascaparts.com/auto-parts/2018/ford/transit-connect/xlt-trim/2-5l-l4-gas-engine/body-cat/overhead-console-scat
  5. Hello, hoping someone can tell me if this is normal or not! I just got a '19 TC wagon, really liking it so far! The rear lift gate will not unlock using the power locks on the driver or passenger doors. only the 4 doors will lock/unlock, but not the hatch. There is no trunk release that I can see inside the car? When I unlock the hatch with the keyfob, I can relock the hatch using the interior lock switches. Am i missing something? Thanks, Ted
  6. RSted

    2019 OEM Factory Roof Rails

  7. RSted

    Overhead aircraft style storage with doors

    First post. The thread mentioned here doesn't actually list the part number, can someone confirm this is correct? Has anyone installed this? Does the headliner have to come out? https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-rear-console-dt1z17519a70ab DT1Z-17519A70-AB