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  1. Fifty150 thank you for such a comprehensive and informative reply. I broke down the other day, coolant temerature sensor failed. The CEL/EML did not come on. New sensor got me going again. Mechanic read fault codes and cleared them. Subsequent to that, out of interest, he read them again couple days later. U1262 and B1318 present. I have now got ForScan and a USB ELM327. Not used it yet though. GBL, oil pressure indicator is a LED. It comes on in startup position just like it should and goes off on starting.
  2. It has been suggested on another forum, that the problem is probably a processor communication to the CEL fault/malfunction. I cannot afford to pay £150+ to take it to a Ford garage to be put on a diagnostic tool. How would I go about getting this investigated?
  3. 2006 Connect T220L SWB 1.8 Diesel. No engine management light on when key turned in ignition on starting. Should it light up? All other dials/guages/LEDS work fine. I have run the cluster self test and the EML does illuninate, so the LED is good.
  4. RiverTowy

    2006 220 SWB Diesel Clutch

    Is the clutch on this model adjustable? I have recently bought one of these vans and was told that a new clutch kit had been fitted days before I bought it. Doubts have krept into my mind as there are other faults with the vehicle. Is the clutch adjustable? If so, it would have been possible to sell it to me without a new clutch kit as no invoice for parts was given to me or shown to me.