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  1. Hi guys, I am currently looking for a 1st gen Transit connect and cannot find the correct version in the used market right now. I am looking to get the one with the side passenger windows as well as the passenger bench seat. There is a lot of Transit connects with no side windows and only front seats available. My question is: would it be easier to get one with the front seats only and buy a used set of passenger seats and install it myself ? Thank you
  2. Hehe after owning a few very unreliable but very fun vw's in my life, let's say I'm used to fixing little issues here and there. It's part of the fun.
  3. Fog lights are repaired! They must of forgot to change the fuse aftrr repairing the wiring. I just changed it and it works perfectly! Now let's move on to the alising door issue..
  4. Yes, I'm pretty happy with their service so far. These repairs weren't even covered by my warranty (mechanical fialures only). I will not be able to ask them to repair the door and the fog lights sadly, as they clearly stated that they wouldn't fix anything else that is not mechanical for free. I will try and look for busted fuses, relays or other stuff and keep you guys updated on the situation.
  5. Update! (again) Dealership finally found what was causing all the problems: wires that were passing inside the left front wheel well were rubbing against a metal piece which caused a few of them to get cut open and causing electrical shorts. Now, my headlights, flashers and airbags are working properly. But, my front fog lights still aren't working... And, a new problem appeared, my left sliding door does not respond to my key fob anymore. I cannot lock or unlock it with my key. On the right side, everything works fine. Let the adventure continue!
  6. Hi guys, I bought a used Tc 2012, 160k kms on the clock last week. Everything was doing fine after a fix on the gas pedal that was done prior to the sale. Yesterday, as I start the car, I noticed my headlights weren't turning on. Front fog lights aren't responding either, but the rears work. Also, left side turn signals don't work and the airbag light stays on in the cluster. I could use some help :s Thanks
  7. I tried replacing the fuse for healights im the engine compartment. It's a 15A fuse, and as soon as I put in a mew one, it popped right away. There must be a short somewhere..
  8. Well, I started getting electrical issues (no headlights -low and high beams, no front fogs, no left turn signals, airbag light is on)... I hope it's only an open circuit short somewhere. I'm bringing the car back to dealership so he can fix it.
  9. It's a really bad design from the engineers. After a few years and temperature changes, everything gets corroded in there and you're stuck with a pain job just to get a license plate on. For the euro brake light, I found one on ebay with all the necessary parts. My question is: taking out the original one on top of the roof will leave holes, is there a simple way to cover them without risking water leaks ?
  10. @Fifty150 Thanks for the help! I figured out the way to get the license plate screws out. I had to cut one of them and the other came out with some wd40. For the aftermarket radio, I found a Pioneer avh-280bt for sale in my local used classified website. I will be getting it along with a wireless rear view camera ordered from China.
  11. Thank you! Now for the fun part: 1- License plate screws are completely jammed in their metal fixings. There is no way to unscrew them without destroying them. I tried penetrating oil, heat and hand power. Do you think I should simply grind them off and install new ones ? 2- I want to get rid of the factory radio and install an aftermaket double din unit with bluetooth and rear view camera also. Do you guys have any experience with wireless rear view camera kits? Are they reliable ? 3- My third rear brake light that's located on the roof is a bit cracked and I thought of swapping it with a euro brake light instead. Is this a hard job? Where should I order the parts from ? Thanks again for the help By the way, I'm really surprised by the way this thing drives, apart from the slow and outdated transmission, the rest feels very nice!
  12. Update again: I finnaly got my Transit Connect after a few weeks of patience and headaches. The car wasn't moving because of a faulty gas pedal module. Car was sent to the Ford dealership where they found a corroded wire going to the pedal and causing the malfunction. I can finnaly say I have a 5 passenger, 4-window TC with no issues (so far) ! I will upload some pictures soon.
  13. Update #2 I went to see another Tc, 5 passenger version, 160kms, white, very clean. I took it for a test drive, but couldn't even leave the parking lot from the dealership. Check engine light appeared and all power was gone, like it went into security limp mode. Dealer promised to fix the issue before my next visit. Bad luck atrikes again!
  14. I know, but it still makes me sad. It took so long to find one with windows and a bench !
  15. Update: I had to return the car to the dealership. Transmission started sliding badly on the highway for a few minutes and they didn't want to fix the problem and they coudn't guarantee they would fix it if it reappers. So, I'm on the hunt again!
  16. Just got the Transit home and noticed a few things that needed my attention. First, the abs/tc light is on. Second, the tpms light is on. Third, the sliding doors don't unlock with my key fob. Any suggestions?
  17. Hey guys, here's an update: I finally found a Transit Connect just the way I wanted it! 4 windows, passenger bench, low kms, good condition. I'm picking it up on monday and I'll post some pictures for you guys.
  18. If the seats are removable and the floors have the proper holes underneath the liner, I should be able to get away with a 4-window model and adding a used bench in it. Yes, that 2010 needs a bit of love indeed, but the heater not working might just be a small resistor issue, nothing serious.
  19. Whoa, thank you for that heads up, it sure sounded more simple in my head than it is in reality! There is a 2010 passenger version that just appeared this morning on kijiji. Passenger bench, windows, black colour. Problem is: 240,000kms, a bit of rust and heating not working. But at 3,500$ it's cheap. What do you guys think? Ford transit connect, https://www.kijiji.ca/v-autos-camions/ville-de-montreal/ford-transit-connect/1399881536?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  20. No luck at H.Gregoire sadly And GBL, I'd rather stay away from american cars as there resale value here in Quebec is pretty disastrous. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a 4 window one with no 2nd row seats. I will try and install them myself along with the seat belts on the side. Is that a hard job ?
  21. Thanks for the replies guys, I am still looking for a passenger version. There is one for sale with only 150,000kms on the clock, but it's in neglected shape (damaged bumpers, missing passenger headrests, missing rear wiper arms, scratches inside). But, it's a passenger version, which makes me want to pull the trigger on it. There are a few 1st gens with 4 windows in the front but without the rear seats. Were they passenger versions before ? Would it be easier to get one of these and install the seats and seatbelts on it ? Thanks again for the help
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    Hi guys

    Hi guys, this is just a quick message to introduce myself before posting in the forum. I live in Quebec, Canada and I am looking to purchase a 1st-gen Transit connect with the side windows and passenger seat. My wife and I will be using it for everyday driving as well as for her wedding planning company. Looking forward to talk to you guys!