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  1. FiorinotoFord

    Choosing auto instead

    I do not, but i can find out
  2. FiorinotoFord

    Choosing auto instead

    Usually here is common to lower the price 1k from the sticker price.More discount than that you must buy 2 cars or more.
  3. FiorinotoFord

    Choosing auto instead

    I have been to the dealer today and he said if i order it will take 3 months for a delivery.The difference between the auto and manual are only 600 euros , go figure
  4. FiorinotoFord

    Choosing auto instead

    Looks promising, thanks
  5. FiorinotoFord

    Choosing auto instead

    a crash test for sure haha. No really i need someone with experience on powershift transmissions so i dont have to waste time and money unnecessary.Many suggest DSG of vw is much better.
  6. Hello, i am thinking to order a new TC van, the L2 but iam undecided as to what transmission to choose.I have experience with both, auto or manual but i prefer the automatic as my job is mostly inside the city and iam in a certain age .What worries me is the powershift of ford.I was reading and watching online some articles/youtube clips on the subject and most of them saying the powershift may have some big issues.Most are from 2012-16 so perhaps the -17 to 18 ford fixed the problems. My current car is a Fiat van Fiorino 2008 manual.I never had a ford before so i would like your opinion on the matter. Michael