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  1. VTransit

    No crank no start

    I had an issue starting as well that turned out to be the starter failing. I only had around 38,000 when it decided to quit, so its not outside the realm of possibility for yourself.
  2. VTransit

    Clunky Start and Go Behavior

    2016 TC- I've noticed when I'm in start and go traffic, or if I am coasting at moderate speeds, when I go to apply the gas it's not a very smooth transition back onto power. I briefly checked the half shafts for obvious play, but didn't find any. It's a similar feeling though as it seems like there is some slack getting taken up somewhere before the car moves ahead, and it seems more noticeable under partial throttle than really gassing it. I saw elsewhere someone had a sort of similar problem and it was suggested that a engine mount might be bad. Anyone have any thoughts?
  3. Update- The dealer indicated that the Transit has a bad starter; time will tell if that is correct or there is something more sinister going on. For those of you who are having trouble starting, check your starter!
  4. Thanks for your responses everyone, it's much appreciated. I sacrificed an old calculator to the electrical gods; yesterday and (so far) today have been trouble free. Hopefully the trend continues!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can help me out. I picked up a 2016 Transit Connect Titanium a couple days ago, and I'm having an issue with it starting. I flew to NC to pick it up and I'm on my way back to VT where I live and spending some time at the beach on the way home, so my resources are limited. I drove the car away from the dealer I bought it from to a camping supply store and parked it there for an hour or so while I got supplies. I then went a short distance away to get lunch and was in there for around 45 min. When I went to leave, the vehicle wouldn't crank. Lights, radio, ac, locks, etc. all work and I can hear the fuel pump prime, but starter doesn't do anything. I realized I left the lights on, so I turned them off and a few tries later and about 15 min the car cranked and I was on my way. I then drove 5 hrs with no problem and I stopped to get gas. After I was done I moved the car out of the way and went inside the gas station, and when I went to leave same problem as before- no crank but ac, lights, radio, etc. work. There was an auto parts place next door, they tested it and said alternator was good but battery was bad. So we replaced the battery and everything seemed ok (other than the guy forgetting to plug the MAF sensor in and throwing a code, but that's another story). I then went to a camp site, and the next morning left and made multiple stops on the way, all with the car starting fine. I drove 2.5 hrs to the house I'm at now, turned the car off, then tried to restart it 30 seconds later and same symptom. I replaced the key fob battery and took the other keys off the key ring, and I've been able to start it 13/14 times (approximately). When it does crank, it sounds normal and not slow at all. Anyone have any thoughts? Sorry for a long inaugural post, but more information is usually better than less. Thanks in advance for whatever help you guys may have.