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  1. gspam

    Help: What is this switch?

    No, that didn't work. No oil slick. It did shoot out a beam that killed Thanos, so I've got that going for me.
  2. gspam

    Help: What is this switch?

    Nothing happens, other than the tiny led on the switch lights up. I've had someone walk around the van, and no lights come on. I thought it might switch the power port next to it, but that's hot all the time. I special ordered the Taxi version for more rear leg room. Maybe it turns the Taxi light on top on or off? Didn't want a hole in the roof so I didn't get that option.
  3. gspam

    Help: What is this switch?

    I just ran out the garage. Great guess, but sadly no joy. Thank you though!
  4. gspam

    Help: What is this switch?

    Just picked up my 2018 TC Wagon LWB XL on Friday night. I can't find reference to this switch in the manual, nothing on the web, and the dealer sales guys didn't know what is was either. Picture attached, it is in front of the cup holder in the center console and the 12V power port is to the right of it. I think I found a picture of every Ford switch icon on the web, but not this one. Any help very much appreciated.
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    2018 Transit Connect Wagon with Taxi Package..