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  1. VIN for the Focus isn't available. How many final gear ratios can there be for a 2008 Ford Focus? Also, Where can I find the Box part Number? Is this the gear box? Thanks for all your help.
  2. Was told I need to get the PCM reprogrammed. Not sure why they need the VIN cause the tranny is out of a Focus and I do not have that VIN.
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply. Gonna go take a gander at the link you sent. Very appreciative here.
  4. Hello all, Recently had a catastrophic transmission failure. At about 189K, the differential gears decided to leave the transmission and made their own exit hole in the side of the housing right where the speed sensor used to be. This is a 2010 TC. I went to the local salvage and got a transmission from a 2009 Focus. Guaranteed to fit. I had it rebuilt and installed it. Now I am pulling these codes. Anybody now how I can fix this?