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  1. Hi Mr. Kool, I am so impress with your project as you have made this thing to work with TC you have. I just bought 2014 TC wagon too with exact radio but dame with CD. So I went with the after market head Kenwood with Apple carplay. it work well, however b/c of slanted kit. the glare is making this unless. So I want to go your route and wondering if you could tell share you project in a bit more detail. especially with the wiring. Questions': 1- Where do I get the wiring diagram for this? 2- Did you bought everything at one place or got them from multi locations. 3- Did you had to replace the TOP cover with a deferent one to match the front bezel? they look a bit deffernt. 4- Is there a way to just get the front bezel and still use the aftermarket head so that the unit facing the back rather in an angle. And lastly, what version of the Sync you have and if you are able to get Carplay.I really appreciate your input on this and thank you in advance. PS. This is smiler to my install but with a Kenwood head. Ben