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  1. 4DoorDriven

    Open 2014 Liftgate from Inside?

    Thanks for the response Don Ridley. So we couldn't figure it out, it was taken to local Ford dealer and they replaced the latch(and wiring harness) this past Friday. But the problem made an appearance again today. Hahaha oh well. Will bring up a possible bad BCM when we take it Back to dealer before a possible trade-in. Again thanks for your insight on this, very much appreciated.
  2. 4DoorDriven

    Open 2014 Liftgate from Inside?

    Hi all, this is my 1st post on here. Been looking to see if anyone can guide point me to the right direction here..we just got a 2014 TC Titanium (3 weeks ago) and already encountered a problem with the liftgate. I can lock/unlock all the doors with the key fob but the rear liftgate remains locked. This happened for the 1st time last night and this morning it wouldn't open up. I let it sit for a while and hit the unlock on the FOB and heard the liftgate's loud click,checked if it would open and sure enough it did. I remove all the plastic panels, thinking I would find some sort of lever to be able to open door from inside, but not the case. Tried locking/unlocking a few more times without closing the liftgate and seemed to be working fine. Shut the liftgate and now it won't open again. I see in this thread you were able to install a switch to open from inside "only if all doors are unlocked, including power being sent to liftgate". Can anyone of you help me figure out if there is no power(which seems to be my problem here) going to the liftgate, how do I get it open? Thank you in advanced for your help. (Also checked all fuses, none were bad)