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  1. Thanks so much for your helpful responses! And thanks for the kind words BSUPC. I started with the easiest fix and figure I'll work up from there. So far I bought the special brush and cleaned the terminal posts and clamps. I added the felt washers and bought some grease/lube that should help the connection stay solid for a while. Happy to report it's started fine ever since! Hope this remains the case. If not I'll get into the more detailed fixes you guys gave. Thanks again!
  2. Hey All! I'm having an issue I've read a bit about but haven't been able to fix! My Transit has seemingly random issues starting. Will be fine for a week. Then leave you stuck in a parking lot for 10min. Then be fine again. Had it serviced twice, parts in ignition replaced, same problem. I posted a video of this issue happening on youtube called- Ford Transit Connect 2010 starting issue Any ideas really appreciated! Thanks!