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    How to pass leads from the hood to the rear?

    I have just fitted an old style plunger door contact alarm to my 2004 T.C it was a labour intensive job . The best way that found was to remove the n/s front wheel remove the inner mud/ splash shield so you can see the outer side of the engine compartment ment from under the wheel arch. There are holes high up that then go just behind the battery housing.You will need feeding rod to pass a wire puller through. In the other direct follow the the gap over the wheel arch and in through the door grommet. Next remove the plastic passenger footwell side panel and the passengers plastic door tread and run cables along the loom access into the back, you are now well inside. Investigate this route before you start as the distances longer than it looks by keeping it all tucked in and safe you my need to get a few more meters of cable then you thought . Hope this helps