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  1. Great work and thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks for the offer dinocarsfast. I'm in MI. I'll have to take the seat out once it warms out and look at mods.
  3. Nice work. Can you still use the E-brake?
  4. Has anyone noticed that the front passenger seat doesn't go back as far as the drivers seat? I have a 2017 XLT cargo van (replaced the 2016 XLT I rolled this fall) and my 6-7 son doesn't fit. Has anyone tried to move the seat back further?
  5. jmacken37

    Custom Build

    Splash Carpentry, this is a cool idea. I don't know that I'd want a whole panel package but roof and sidewalls would be great. If you are ever in SE MI, I'd be happy to let you measure my 2016 TC LWB Cargo van. Good luck!
  6. jmacken37

    Just got a 2016 XLT Cargo Van

    Hello, New forum member here. I just picked up a 2016 TC XLT Cargo Van. It was a new vehicle still on the lot with fixed rear windows and a fixed passenger slider window. I thought the XLT package came with SYNC but apparently I was wrong! Still getting to know this thing and I plan on doing some sort of camper conversion. Has anyone put the sunglass holder in the overhead console from the wagon in the van? Looking forward to reading the forum and connecting (pun intended...I know pretty weak!) with you guys!