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  1. Usually Befuddled

    The package shelf's secrets

    Wish I had my picture of the shelf; the knockout sure looks like a radio; there's left & right holes for knobs. But OK.... What I gather from and is there's no place to tap 13.8v above the shelf; we'd have to run power up the A-pillar ourselves. Correct?
  2. Usually Befuddled

    GPS antenna but.....

    This is not the heated windshield. (That was the other question Safelite asked when I booked the job.) Where is the factory GPS antenna? I'd think it would be dashboard mounted forward against the windshield for best sky view.....
  3. Usually Befuddled

    LED lights for cargo area in 2016 wagon

    I was looking at the situation yesterday with a friend. The SWB liftgate 2014 XLT in question lacks any illumination at the rear. (It's not clear from this thread if there was an option for a lamp there or not, but....) I was thinking of adding a lamp on the top of the bulge in the liftgate, thus shining into cargo area. This avoids screwing around above the headliner. (Had to do that too often when I did two-way radio installs decades ago....) Comments?
  4. Usually Befuddled

    GPS antenna but.....

    Hmm, he was specific that this model "has an added bracket" and thus they had to get a different windshield. Took another hour of my cooling my heels..... Wish I could have seen it. But you say all models have the same sensor there?
  5. Usually Befuddled

    GPS antenna but.....

    At the top of the windshield, in front of the interior mirror? If not, why did the glass shop need a different windshield?
  6. Usually Befuddled

    The package shelf's secrets

    This XLT has a open package shelf; I've seen photos of XLT with doors on the shelf, but not on this one. In the center of the shelf, there's a knockout that looks like it is for an overhead radio installation option. Behind it is a plastic shield to keep shelf contents away from the radio. What radio option was this? Is there a power connector up there we could use for other electronics? Failing that, what other power options are up there? Is the shelf difficult to remove/replace?
  7. Usually Befuddled

    GPS antenna but.....

    Had the windshield replaced on a 2014 XLT. It has the more basic radio package. But the windshield folks had to find a different pn# because "You car has GPS...." so wonder, if there's a GPS antenna in front of the mirror, where's the coax cable from it end up? I could make use of it for another receiver.