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  2. Hi there! New to the forum—I don't own a FTC yet, but I'm looking at one this weekend that hopefully will be the one. I'm downsizing from an '89 Ford E-150 Club Wagon which I had converted into a camper van: I love this big rust bucket, but it's just not reliable enough (I've made good use of my AAA membership's towing). I also don't need quite as much space as I anticipated, as I rarely slept in the giant bed we built, and cooking inside is dangerous/hot. The primary purpose of my van is to haul my recreational sled team around: So the plan is to build out my FTC as a mini version of my old setup, minus the bed and desk. I plan to build a frame around the dog crates, but it will be much more minimal—mostly for storage. My hope is to use the second row of seating as a bed if I'm in a pinch and don't want to pitch a tent. (I'm a tiny human, so I think I'll manage with a sleeping pad and bag) I expect I'll mostly travel with the second row of seats folded up, so I was thinking I'd like to make or buy something to keep them covered (a lot of dirt and dog hair travels through the van). Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas?