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  1. Here's a weird one. I purchased and programmed the keypad for my 2016 Connect. Checked the locking and unlocking and everything worked fine. Then I placed it under the back door handle and went to unlock the van and it wouldn't unlock. The locking worked but the unlocking didn't. After a few agonizing moments of taking it off the van I went over by the driver's door and it worked fine. So then I went to the back again and tried it under the handle. No unlocking. If I went higher or lower on the door it worked fine but directly under the handle like in the windguy video above, the keypad would not unlock. I don't know if there's something in that area blocking the signal but definitely try the location you want to use before peeling off the adhesive!
  2. Did you use any sort of special switch for this? Which of the 2 wires did you splice to? Thanks.
  3. I'm looking at hubcaps for my 2016 Connect (16") and the ones I want are only listed up to a 2013 16" steel wheel. Are the 16" steel wheels for the 2013 the same as the 2014 and above models? Did the 2013 model even offer a 16"?