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  1. slantflat

    Maintenance Manual for 2010 TC

    Hi everyone. Wondered if there's a Ford Service Manual for the 2010 Transit Connect. I didn't see a heading for manuals and literature. A perusal of the internet didn't really turn up too much. One ebay thing I saw leads me to believe I need multiple volumes that only cover one topic each. I was hoping for one big manual that had everything in it, like in the old days. Thanks everyone.
  2. slantflat

    Transmission fluid change

    Hi everyone. Good information here, thanks. Just a question here. My 2010 TC has 93000 miles on it, no clue of past transmission service. Fluid doesn't look overly dirty. Was planning on dropping the pan and changing the filter, and just replacing what fluid came out. I'd like to change to Valvoline synthetic ATF but don't really want to go through all this, will topping off with synthetic be compatible with what's in the converter? I expect to be doing this a couple times a year, so it shouldn't take too, too long for a fairly complete changeover. I bought it at 88K, don't do any heavy lifting, about the biggest job it has is about a 5 hour ride on the interstate occasionally. Right now the trans shifts good and doesn't do anything funky. Thanks everyone.
  3. slantflat

    Radio and related

    Okay thanks mrtn. I appreciate it.
  4. slantflat

    Radio and related

    You know what's funny, when I drove to Florida, once I was outside the Atlanta area the radio actually sounded pretty good. My big thing is wanting to relocate the antenna. It's in a pretty dumb spot, and I can see it getting broke off pretty easily. So when you replaced your antenna did you put it in exactly the same spot or move it somewhere else?
  5. slantflat

    Radio and related

    Hi everyone. 2010 Transit Connect. Has anyone done anything different with the radio antenna? Sitting front and center on the roof is a bit awkward, and my radio doesn't seem to get very good reception. The front part of my roof needs painting and I thought this would be the perfect time to do something different.\ Any ideas? Thanks everyone.