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    rear entry conversion question

    yes its a rear entry and the floor had been dropped a few inches,I called the dealer and they are amazing to deal with and said when it was converted the suspension should of been updated as well.they are going to send me to there technician and correct the problem at no cost which relieves me after paying for this LoL
  2. I hope I am in the right spot to post this,I have been posting on the wrong forum so here is the 3rd time.LoLI bought a 2016 rear entry conversion it is the transit connect wagon xlt. I love this vehicle but I do have some concerns with the rear end.I bought this to transport my son and when he uses his power chair and I hit a bump,pot hole ect you can hear it bottom out in the back,I really don't want to damage anything and I am wondering what can be done about this? There is a remaining warantee on the adaptive part and wondering if the issue would be on them if the lower flooring is the problem?