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  1. Ohh how I can relate! This is the only annoying thing I have with my '17 TC! I use mine constantly, in and out every door, all day. I have already killed the battery once as each time a door is opened, these stupid lights come on for 10 minutes before turning off unless ALL doors are closed or I open the drivers door, push then pull headlight lever. Then, when opening another door (basically, as a work van, each door is a drawer to my toolbox) PERFORM RITUAL ALL OVER AGAIN! I am old school and have wire cutters in hand! Lol! But some techno-weenie has probably hacked in some code to shut down the system and notify the geek police! (Did I mention I am OLD school?) I am persistent and will eventually track down the wire that provides each door switch with continuity and put a shut off switch on it. if I have to, I will go to a marine supply store and buy a big red Perko battery shut off switch and screw it to the dashboard!😜