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  1. Cosworth

    Start Stop

    I've noticed the Auto Start-stop feature is available on UK ecoboost models. Just to be clear, this automatically shuts down the engine when the vehicle is stationary and in neutral gear and restarts the engine when the driver wants to move off, saving the fuel usually wasted while the vehicle is stationary what would it take to install on . What would it take to install on an US model???
  2. So a rain sensor would need to be installed to notify the headlights to turn on?
  3. Cosworth

    Upgrading from SYNC to Touch

    I just removed the bezel on my Transit and compared the wiring with another Titanium with the same features. (Front / Rear Parking sensors, backup-cam) Most of the harnesses are available. There are a few that I'm still unsure of & will post pictures to see if someone can assist. It looks good so far...
  4. If I have DRL's and want to add automatic headlights as well. Would it be possible to install an automatic headlight switch from another transit? I assume the wiring should be very similar...?
  5. I have a 2016 with 4.2" screen & SYNC with back up cam. Is it possible to have a 6.5" OEM my Touch unit plug & play with the existing harness?
  6. Cosworth

    Storage Under the LWB's Load Floor Extension?

    I dont believe there is a load extension in the wagon models
  7. Cosworth

    Transit Connect Third Row Seats

    Would the seats fit in the 2nd row ?
  8. Cosworth

    Storage Under the LWB's Load Floor Extension?

    I am very interested in installing either a battery bank or ir compressor tank in this space... Any updates?
  9. Cosworth

    WTS: 2nd Row Rear Seats

    Which year TC are these from? I'm interested. Please PM me