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  1. Woodnote

    New to TC and new to forums

    No seat belts planned, but I'll leave the passenger seat as is.
  2. I have an Adrian Steel wire mesh partition with the wing kit (part numbers P2TCW and WKTC) that I pulled out of a 2011 Transit Connect. It's in great shape, except that one of the rubber weather seals is missing. I am happy to give this away for free, but you would have to pick it up in South Bend, Indiana. The photo is from the Adrian site to show what it looks like.
  3. Woodnote

    New to TC and new to forums

    Actually, those are acoustic panels to absorb reflected sound. I plan to do a video blog of my road trips/tours, and this will cut down on echo just a little, and also help with road noise (but not much). I kind of like that they look like blinds - makes it feel more like I have a window.
  4. Woodnote

    New to TC and new to forums

    I bought my first Transit Connect (2011 cargo van) in May and have been busy converting it since. It's my first conversion, so its taking forever and I'm making lots of mistakes. Still, the TC is exactly what I wanted, and so far I'm happy with the conversion. The bed frame is a sofa by day and pulls out to a bed at night, and is hinged to provide access to the house batteries and jack. This month I'm working on a desk module with a pull-out kitchen shelf. I hope to have everything ready for a shakedown cruise in late September so it's ready for some long road trips next summer.