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  1. I just ordered a 2016 TWC; no changes for 2016; Ford says first build will be July 28 2015
  2. james13619

    TC Titanium impressions versus Flex

    By now I would think everyone would know that ALL TC are built as wagons with ALL seats, belts, windows. Ford ships them to a Free Economic Zone in Baltimore where, ",,, windows, never squeegeed at a gas station, and seats, never touched by human backsides, are promptly ripped out ,,, the fabric is shredded, the steel parts are broken down, and everything is sent off along with the glass to be recycled ..." In an odd twist of fate Ford was a major supporter of the law they now are evading. This article is about Gen1, built in Turkey, but nothing has changed except the Gen2 is now built in Spain. To Outfox the Chicken Tax, Ford Strips Its Own Vans http://www.wsj.com/news/articles/SB125357990638429655 So any talk about TCs being 'designed as cargo vans' is simply off base. They've been WAGONS in Europe since their very first in carnation. Here's a link to a more current article which specifically states the practice continues: http://blog.caranddriver.com/feds-watching-fords-run-around-on-chicken-tax-riles-customs-officials/