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  1. Nice job. I had a similar idea but yours looks better. Beats the hell out of the outrageous prices for after market crap. I've worked with unitstrut in radiology rooms and it a solid product. I want to use it to make a rail so I can mount an awning/canopy for various races I go to.
  2. myohtransit

    Bought a Transit Connect in November

    Hey all, I bought a silver Transit on November 1 and really like it. It's comfortable, rides great, handles great and is surpisingly quite for a cargo van. I owned a Ford E150 for about 25 years but this is a whole new dog. I call it the ultimate utility vehicle- I can put anything I need in it. I bought it so I could load a one of my motorcycles in the back and take off, maybe down south. Where the hell is the spell checker on this editor.
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