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  1. It came today and I have no idea what they are going to do!
  2. ernestb436

    The Gas Mileage Thread

    My AVD is 27.9 MPG over 13,000 miles driven, 70% turnpike, and 30% city
  3. ernestb436

    MID display

    Well I was at the dealer for another issue, and he asked if I had it changed and told him NO, as the MID did not indicate for a change, he suggested that I have it changed with tire rotation and I was fine with that!
  4. ernestb436

    MID display

    I now have 10,100 miles there has been NO alerts for Oil Change or nothing, and when I do a system check, it tells me ALL IS OKAY!!!! So what do I do?
  5. Trenton I have 3 rows of Seats and I had the 3rd row removed as I needed the room for my wheelchair and wheelchair boom lift. I have a 2014. Let me know.. Thanks
  6. ernestb436

    Would you recommend?

    Well considering that I traded a 2012 Ford Expedition Limited 4WD for a 2014 Transit Connect should speak volumes! I thought I would have second thoughts and nope I do not, increased mileage, more headroom... Loving every mile of it!!
  7. ernestb436

    2014 Ford Transit Connect: Who has one?

    Well we have had our TC for 9 days, we already have 1200+ miles on it, avg 23.9 MPG, we traded the Expedition for it and sorry to see it go but it would not accommodate the boom lift for the power wheelchair! We have the Titanium LWB version and absolutely love it! Has the hitch but I don't plan on using it, have the MFT with Navi, 17ich wheels, Quickclear on the windshield, remote start, panorama roof! mud flaps. Front and Rear sensing system! Great Ride!!
  8. ernestb436


    Got the new Connect today and have MFT, but there is NO SD CARD TO BE FOUND! any suggestions?