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  1. Raincity

    Adrian Steel Shelving

    I like the Ranger aluminum van shelving myself. I have two full size E-250's and one Connect with this brand and it's great. Tighter to the contours of the van walls with more space in between. Lots of different layouts to choose from as well. http://www.rangervanshelving.com/ford-transit-shelving.html
  2. Opened up the door today and you were right. OEM speaker is already off-center slightly so cutting in a 6.5 would only make it worse since you would have to avoid other bits.
  3. Raincity

    Rock Chips W/ Rust

    Just purchsed mine used and upon closer look it has tiny pinholes/rusting on the hood and roof. Did a cleaner and then sealed/waxed the hood, not looking forward to the roof with all the grooves.
  4. Raincity

    How to reduce/eliminate body roll?

    Stiffer front sway bar/stiffer springs will sharpen steering/reduce body roll for front. Not sure if any aftermarket companies make one but if the Transit shares the same front end as another car there may be one available for that. If you do that it will increase understeer though.
  5. Fitting HID's into OEM reflector housings creates glare for oncoming traffic. I haven't seen any projector/HID housings headlights in North America, or even any ebay knockoffs.
  6. If you managed to fit a 5x7", a 6.5" could probably be done. I'll have to check the depth to see. thanks
  7. Would like to fit in something a little larger than a 5.25". Haven't taken it apart yet to see what is up but wondered if anyone has?
  8. Raincity

    2013 OEM Radio swap question

    Anyone know if the CD/radio from other model Fords will 'plug and play'? If they don't simply plug in, I guess I'll go aftermarket. Need to keep the radio low key as not to attract attention but the 1500 AM/FM radio and the OEM speakers are beyond terrible as others have mentioned.