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  1. madman

    Threshold Protection

    I like these; A2Ztruckstuff.com
  2. Haven't been on the forums for a couple of weeks, so I just noticed your question. I simply wrote to Ford Headquarters, in Dearborn, and they had a rep call me and open a case. The regional sales manager was up front with me more so than the dealer. You could probably phone Dearborn directly.
  3. madman


    I was talking with a body and fender repair shop foreman the other day, and asked him about keeping the exterior rubber trim from turning white. Like the wheel well trim and the horizontal piece that runs along the side panels. He told me not to use Armoral as it will speed up the deterioration of rubber and plastic parts. He mentioned a plastic specific coating. I believe Stoner is the brand name.
  4. madman

    The Long Wait

    The camera installation here in the States is not what I understood. The regional sales manager told me that they were installed at the factory in Turkey. And from what I see on my new Transit, I don't see how the camera could be an aftermarket install. The picture is in the rear view mirror. When you shift into reverse, the picture comes on in the left portion of the mirror. You can see the edge of your rear bumper. There are two superimposed lines in the picture. One on either side. They go from red, closest to the bumper, yellow, maybe five or six feet out, then green, beyond six feet or so. I use it in conjunction with my side view mirrors. It makes backing up less stressful. Now the only thing left is to keep those annoying drivers from whizzing past me when I am backing out of a parking spot. The least they can do is sound their horn if they want to be in such a hurry.
  5. madman

    Adrian Steel Shelving

    Well, the shelf unit is installed. But not without some frustration. Although the units are made specifically for the Transit Connect, some slight alterations to the shelving unit, was required to get them into place. The end result will fill my needs however. I believe that I could have made my own units from wire shelving sold at Home Depot however. And for alot less cost.
  6. OK, I guess I am dumber than I thought. I just received two shelving units made by Adrian Steel Shelving. The units are AD32TC. Has anyone had any experience installing these shelves? Let me say that the instructions are poorly printed. Photos of important detail assemblies are the size of a postage stamp, and too fuzzy to see any better even with a magnifying glass.
  7. Wow! I thought that I was waiting too long. I got a call today that my truck was in. Almost six full months. As I mentioned in my post, try contacting Ford directly. They'll give you to a regional sales manager. He or she will be able to get more info for you. Good Luck.
  8. madman

    Nissan NV200

    Ah ha! I was thinking of the wrong vehicle. That's rather nice looking.
  9. madman

    Nissan NV200

    I looked at the Nissan and found it to be too big. Mostly in looks I suppose. I found that the raised roof version had better proportions than the regular roof line. The dealer where I saw them had plenty in stock and offered to do a better deal than the Transit Connect. I would have been driving a new NV200 in January, instead I am still waiting for my Black Tansit in May.
  10. madman

    New member

    Thanks Willie. And so do I.
  11. Awhile back I thought that I came across a site where one could punch the Vin number in to find out where ones new Transit was. ie, production, shipped, etc. Would anyone know how to go about doing a search for a vehicle in production? I had contacted Ford directly when I felt that my dealer wasn't being up front with me. The Ford rep. said that the truck was in production and due here May 7.
  12. madman

    New member

    Hello all. I am a new member as of just a few moments ago. I found your forum while attempting to search for my vehicle. I have had a Transit on order since January. Delivery is supposed to be any day now, but I have had false alarms before. Anyway, I see that there may be some useful information, on these forums, about how to make my new truck more useful.