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  1. indestructibleman

    Rear seat belt attachment points

    That looks like just what I needed. Thanks.
  2. indestructibleman

    Rear seat belt attachment points

    Can anyone show me where the rear seat belts attach? Last summer I picked up a rear seat sans belts but now I've got a pair on the way. Thanks, Will
  3. indestructibleman

    2010 Transit Connect XLT unlocks itself

    My girlfriend fixed it. I think one of the sliders wasn't quite closed.
  4. My 2010 XLT has just started unlocking itself about a second after locking. It will do this if I lock remotely, if I lock with the key, or if I lock manually with the lever on the door handle. No matter how I lock the vehicle it unlocks itself moments later. Any ideas?
  5. indestructibleman

    2011 rear seats for sale excellent condition

    I'm in Los Angeles and would be very interested in those if they're still available. Please let me know. williamethan@gmail.com (323)251-4559
  6. indestructibleman

    How do you use your Transit Connect?

    The Ford Transit Connect is the first four wheeled vehicle I've ever owned that's younger than I am. I really like having something I can carry a motorbike with.
  7. indestructibleman

    2010 TC rear seats with belts and hardware

    I'd be very interested in those. I live in LA but I'll be going to Sears Point in late march and could pick them up.
  8. indestructibleman

    What's high mileage on one of these?

    Wound up with an 010 with 51,000 miles on the clock. Very happy with it so far. My Triumph is my primary vehicle but it needed to go in for service and it's great to have a vehicle i can put my bike in. Also gave a coworker a ride to work on sunday. Threw his minibike in the back and got to run it around the parking lot before work.
  9. indestructibleman

    Car computer monitor size?

    Looks to me like 7x4 is a pretty hard limit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_7736 there are some measurements for a double din tablet unit here. http://www.ugsage.com/eng/DOUBLE-DIN-car-dvd/7%E2%80%9DAndroid-Tablet-3G-WiFi-Double-Din-Car-GPS-DVD-Player-TD718A.html
  10. indestructibleman

    What's high mileage on one of these?

    Good thinking. I'll check that out. Thanks.
  11. I'm looking to buy a used Transit Connect soon and am wondering at what point do I really have to worry about the number of miles on a given vehicle? There seem to be a number of 2010s for sale in the 50,000-60,000 mile range. I could pay more for one with only 25,000 or so miles on it or pay less for one with more than 60k. Has anyone run these enough to get an idea of when serious mechanical problems might start setting in?