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  1. i am using a 2013 XLT cargo for my business. I bought it new and currently have 52,000 miles on it. I do considerable highway driving between San Diego and Las Vegas. When on that road I have to make a steady climb from 1000 elevation to just over 4600 ft. I have MUCH trouble keeping at highway speed climbing that hill. I have to take it out of overdrive and still can't go 50 MPH. It is beyond annoying! A friend of mine suggested I find a performance chip of some kind and an upgraded torque converter to help relieve this problem. Has anyone out there done something like this? I am sure there are many Transit owners who have similar issues. In my opinion the tranny is not properly geared with this small 4 cal engine, which is why so many have to replace them well below the time they should have. Anyway, I would appreciate any assistance you may have!
  2. I just bought my 2013 XLT and I can already tell how underpowered the TC is. Does anyone know of a good aftermarket performance chip that works well?
  3. padman63

    Other OEM Radios?

    awesome!! thank you!
  4. I saw on Autoblog.com the other day that it looks as though the E-Series Ford vans are about to be GONE after it's 50 year reign with Ford. Replacing those will be a totally new line called FORD TRANSIT. Interesting, I see many new models coming, the article said some new things should be out for the 2014 models, here we go!!!!
  5. padman63

    Other OEM Radios?

    You got my interest with your comments regarding finding better head units that would accomidate steering wheel controls, and have bluetooth and ipod interface. All three of those items are important to me as I will practically be "living" in my TC. Are you familiar with brands or specific units that would work as you say for the TC? Thanks you!
  6. padman63

    Using CNG in the Transit Connect

    Hi, You mention an in dash switch installed. Is that to switch between CNG and PROPANE, or can you still use regular gasoline? Also the conversion cost you mention. I am thinking to order a new one with the CNG kit. That is $315, is the $4000 you speak of an aftermarket install cost or am I looking at additional after purchasing he new kit with a new order? Thanks for the info!!!!
  7. padman63

    How do you use your Transit Connect?

    Stay within its designed limits? Can you expand on that remark?
  8. Hello, I am looking for info on the CNG option on the TC. When this option is installed are you committed to using CNG ONLY? Or are you able to switch between the two fuel types? Anyone who has any info and opinion of the CNG on the TC please share it with me! Thank you!!
  9. padman63

    looking for delivery vehicle

    thanks for your comments. Did you upgrade your stereo? What did you do to make it better?
  10. padman63

    looking for delivery vehicle

    Hello, I am considering a TC to use for my small business. I sell pads and covers to the dry cleaning and laundry industry and it seems the cargo area for my type of business is ideal with the TC. I live and work in the San Diego and Las Vegas areas of the southwest US. With little exception, a few hills and some vicious wind from time to time in Vegas, the driving conditions I endure are pretty tolerable. I have read several posts here so far and have noticed some glaring issues with things like the audio system, the bluetooth, and passing power. All of these things are important to me as I pretty much "live" in my vehicle 60-70 hours a week. Some have mentioned about the noise as well. Based on what I sell I can not see that as any issue at all since the cargo area would be packed with the pads and covers. I drive frequently between southern California and Las Vegas and enjoy that time on the phone and listening to my iPod. I can see, it seems that some sort of audio upgrade would have to be implemented. I would like to use the bluetooth feature as well. My son has a Fusion hybrid with the bluetooth feature and it seems to work perfectly, I would assume the "sync" feature in the TC is the same setup? Anyway without too much more rambling I am currently doing my due diligence on this vehicle and am weighing the options. PLEASE, any comments, whether they good, bad or indifferent you may have I would greatly appreciate!!! Thank you in advance!!!!
  11. padman63

    transit connect holding back

  12. Hello, I am going to order a 2012 TC. It seems to me that the stock radio with cd player is Low quality at best. I am ordering the bluetooth option so I will need to keep the stock system. My question is though, if I change out the speakers can a power booster be added to the stock radio so that this low quality radio will be much better???
  13. hello, I assume you are a current TC owner? I am l;ooking to buy one as well and am looking for feedback from current owners, good or bad, I would love to hear anything you may want to tell me, thanks!


  14. hello, i assume you haver a transit connect? I am looking to get one as well and am hoping to get some feedback from current owners, good or bad, would love to hear any comments you may have, thanks!