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  1. JohnnyPayne

    Backup Sensor doesnt work

    They do work. I still have not taken it to the dealer to have it checked out since our company is using all the spare trucks at the moment. I will check that fuse and see if it is good but otherwise I'll be taking it in soon.
  2. JohnnyPayne

    Turn off back up sensor?

    From what the manual states, the reverse sensor is disabled when you hook up the trailer lights. I assume that its for the overseas variations and that its also factory installed. If you could find a wiring diagram for the factory wiring you may be able to wire yours in a way that would disable it. If it works off of a separate speaker (I wouldn't know mine hasn't worked at all and its going back to the dealer soon) you may be able to put a switch in front of it.
  3. JohnnyPayne

    Backup Sensor doesnt work

    When we got our first TC my boss drove for 4k miles while his truck was in the shop and then gave it to me. The backup sensor has not worked at all since I started driving it. I have looked in the manual for a fuse but I dont see on for the sensor. Does anybody know where I can look before I take it back to the dealer? If I take it to the dealer I might be without a vehicle for a week.