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Rear A/C Intermittent Thumping Noise

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I have a 2019 that has about 500 mi that started making a thumping noise intermittently.  It can slightly vary in pitch and volume but seems to be coming from the rear evaporator unit (under the drivers seat) and possibly under the dash (front evaporator unit).  The noise seems to be caused when the rear a/c in turned on and off using either the rear fan knob or front power button for the rear a/c.  It will also make the noise intermittently when the rear a/c is  on cycling by itself.  I also tested with the engine off (key in the on position) and it  will also do it if the rear a/c is turned on  and off using the knob and button mentioned above.  The a/c operations doesn't seem to be affected, just a thumping noise.  Has anyone else experienced this or diagnosed the problem?  Thanks.

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