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So I recently bought my 06 connect and the sliding door on the side has a leak.


I'm converting the van so I was taking off the panels and looking for rust and I noticed a fair amount in the sliding door. I didn't think much of it, I just sanded and used hammerite to protect it (I did notice holes on the bottom of door for drainage so I made sure not to paint them). A few days later and it's raining heavily and I noticed rain dripping down the inside of the door. I've kind of worked it out and I believe it's coming in from the door handle.


Can I fix this? I plan on insulating the door and don't want it to get soaked and hold water in the door. Can I silicone around the side of the door handle (outside) to fix it? Do I replace the handle? How does one go about this issue?? 

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Update: since nobody replied, I bought a new handle with the rubber seals included. I managed to fit them on correctly (after trying to work around ford's awkward design). The water is still coming in from the door handle! 



Surely someone has dealt with this as I've heard and seen others with the same issue but no solutions!! 

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