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  1. SandyHenderson

    Timing belt AND chain!?

    Hi. My 06 transit connect has 110000 miles on clock. I'm worried about timing belt/chain so Ive been asking around for quotes. Two garages told me that I have a wet and dry belt. First garage said it's around £1k to change them. Second one was £700. I phoned Ford just there to make sure it's definitely a wet and dry belt set up. They told me I have a dry timing belt AND a chain. I asked if that's the one in the cassette type thing. They said yes and said I wouldn't need to change the chain, just the belt and water pump need changed. Can anyone confirm this is correct as I'm sceptical still and havnt got a clue. If this is true then why are independent garages quoting me for a wet and dry belt change when ford says its a chain and doesn't need replacing? Please help?
  2. I'm missing both "runner seals" on the drivers door and passenger/sliding door of my Ford connect T200L. I recently replaced the actual door seal on my passenger door however after I just took it to the jet wash, I noticed water slightly dripping in from the top of the door. I believe it's due to the runner seal missing and allowing hundreds of water to drop down onto the door seal and some drops came through. I managed to source the top seal for the drivers door off another connect at a scrap yard but I'm having issues finding the long runner which does both passenger and sliding door. Do I need to get them from scraped vans or can I buy replacements? I'm not even sure what to look for online to find them. Any help is much appreciated!!
  3. I'll try that too. Weather is horrible atm and I'm trying to get some convertion work done during dry spells. Is the selector which my mechanic replaced, down near the transmission end? I've also seen a lot of people mention the bushing on the transmission end of ford's seems to go and you can just replace that instead of doing the full linkage? Thanks mate
  4. So do I just take off the cables from the stick and spray down them there?
  5. SandyHenderson

    Sliding door leaking!

    Update: since nobody replied, I bought a new handle with the rubber seals included. I managed to fit them on correctly (after trying to work around ford's awkward design). The water is still coming in from the door handle! Surely someone has dealt with this as I've heard and seen others with the same issue but no solutions!!
  6. SandyHenderson

    Water in Passenger Sliding Door

    Anyone got a solution? My 06 connect leaks from the sliding door handle. I've just replaced the handle and seals and it still happens!!!
  7. I had someone mention spraying wd 40 on the cables to see if it helps. Would you recommend this? I'm not urgently needing it fixed but if its not going to cost me too much then I may get it done soon so it feels better to drive. I appreciate your time! Thank you
  8. Transit connect T200L 2006. Do I need to remove inner handle first to gain access? What a dumb set up. How do I do this? No tutorials anywhere for it.
  9. Title says it all. My mechanic replaced the selector. It made it feel better but its still a struggle to move around the gears. Clutch and gearbox itself is good and goes into gear smoothly. Just moving around the stick feels tight. The stick leans to the right too. Any ideas? Transit connect 2006
  10. SandyHenderson

    Sliding door leaking!

    So I recently bought my 06 connect and the sliding door on the side has a leak. I'm converting the van so I was taking off the panels and looking for rust and I noticed a fair amount in the sliding door. I didn't think much of it, I just sanded and used hammerite to protect it (I did notice holes on the bottom of door for drainage so I made sure not to paint them). A few days later and it's raining heavily and I noticed rain dripping down the inside of the door. I've kind of worked it out and I believe it's coming in from the door handle. Can I fix this? I plan on insulating the door and don't want it to get soaked and hold water in the door. Can I silicone around the side of the door handle (outside) to fix it? Do I replace the handle? How does one go about this issue??
  11. SandyHenderson

    P and H

    Hi. I'm also converting! Good luck
  12. SandyHenderson

    New connect owner! Hi!

    Recently bought my first transit connect. Its a T200L (no idea the difference between the T200 and T200L). I'm halfway through converting my van into a micro camper. I love doing work on the van and taking care of any maintenance that I can do. More info, the better.